Railway Scaffolding

Railway Scaffolding

Britain’s rail network is extensive and maintaining it is a no small feat. Railway works come with their own set of challenges that you won’t find in an average construction site and the London Underground is a prime example of that.

At R&H Scaffolding Ltd, we specialise in scaffold towers and platforms for the rail networks, providing access to a variety of difficult-to-reach areas in the network. When it comes to railway scaffolding, experience, flexibility and customisation are crucial.

Our Railway Scaffolding Solutions

We provide the complete range of railway scaffolding services in London and the South East.
Some of our services include:

  • Access towers for on-rail tube ceiling
  • Fiberglass GRP access towers
  • Escalator access
  • Escalator banisters
  • Full track towers
  • Track-to-platform towers
  • Safe access
  • Containment scaffolding structures
  • Separation scaffolding screens

Flexible and Reliable Scaffolding Solutions

The UK rail network maintenance comes with its own set of unique challenges and issues such as the general public, live rails as well as the trains. It is important to ensure minimal disruption, which is why we provide weekend and out-of-hours services. Our experienced team of scaffolding technicians can provide the required service on time, in a professional and safe manner, every time.

As a reliable provider to the railway network, we understand how important it is to deliver the service without any disruption. Our stringent safety policy ensures the work gets done per the guidelines mandated by the Network Rail safety team.

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